JReleaser 1.2.0 is now available! This release packs a punch with the following updates:

Execution Hooks: JReleaser follows a series of steps when creating a release. Command hooks let you invoke external commands before and/or after each step is executed.

Twitter: It’s now possible to tweet several messages as part of a single thread. You may define an explicit list of messages or a file containing each message (one per line).

Upload: Gitea and Gitlab join the set of uploaders. You may upload binaries to their respective generic package support.

Packagers: There are 3 new packagers added in this release: AppImage, asdf-vm, and Flatpak. More over, Project has additional properties such as stereotype, links, screenshots, and icons, complementing the capabilities exposed by these packagers.

Templates: Additional template functions may be used to translate Markdown into HTML, calculate checksums, and read files.

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