JReleaser 1.4.0 is now available! This release brings plenty of features and bug fixes

Deploy: Adjustments to Nexus2 support now let you deploy snapshot artifacts to Nexus2 servers and Maven Central.

Mastodon: Message threads can now be posted to Mastodon. You may set a list of messages or a path to a file that contains the messages.

Docker: Multi-platform support is now available via buildx. For the time being only JAVA_BINARY and SINGLE_JAR distributions are supported.

Distribution: New flat-binary distribution may be used to release binaries without packaging them in archives. Several package managers support this new distribution type.

Assemble: The new java-archive assembler may be used to create JAVA_BINARY distributions instead of using Maven's appassembler/assembly plugins or Gradle's application/distribution plugins.

Changelog: Conventional-Commit preset can handle BREAKING CHANGE footer, referenced issues, and additional trailing elements. Be ware that it now also applies a custom format by default.

GitLab: Update existing assets when posting an updated release. This aligns GitLab support with GitHub/Gitea.