JReleaser 1.5.0 is now available! This release brings plenty of features and bug fixes

Environment: Several properties may now be set using either System Properties or environment variables; review the Environment section of each DSL element in the Reference. Additionally, local env files may be used to define environment variables. A new env command may be used to display System property names and environment variable names in use.

Packagers: Winget, the preferred package manager for Windows, is now supported for NATIVE_PACKAGE distributions.

Assemblers: Several updates to assemblers and archivers regarding files and templates. You may now skip templates; use artifacts, files, and fileSets as input sources. https://jreleaser.org/guide/latest/reference/assemble/archive.html#_additional_files

Deploy: Azure Devops joins the set of target deployment services https://jreleaser.org/guide/latest/reference/deploy/maven/azure.html

Catalog: Create SBOMs for distribution artifacts and files https://jreleaser.org/guide/latest/reference/catalog/index.html

Docker: New capabilities such as reusing an existing buildx builder, allow login into registries outside of the tool, useful when running in CI.

Templates: Arbitrary templates may now be evaluated using the template eval command

Announce: Releases may not be announced to Linkedin https://jreleaser.org/guide/latest/reference/announce/linkedin.html

CLI: Updates to CLI flags following the Command Line Interface Guidelines document https://github.com/jreleaser/jreleaser/issues/1185

🚀 Changelog